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Benoît B. Mandelbrot, a maverick mathematician who developed the field of fractal geometry and applied it to physics, biology, finance and many other fields, died on Thursday in Cambridge, Mass. He was 85…

When we think of concept cars most of us envision futuristic, ultra-sleek, aerodynamically chariots of the road. But the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm ” flips the script” and creates smooth and fleshy automotive behemoths called Fat Cars. fatnotphat

I am interested in the everyday life. All the materials that surrounded me could be useful, as well as the objects, topics involved in contemporary society. My work speaks about the whole entity of a human being: the physical, the spiritual, the psychological and the political…Erwin Wurm is a family-friendly Web site dedicated to the commercial art of mid-century America. It has a large gallery of retro illustrations of life in the 50’s including cars, decor, ads and space art. Out of sight, man out of sight!