Jul 092016

The TF-X™ is the practical realization of the dream of countless visions of the future; it is designed to be the flying car for all of us. In order to achieve this long-sought-after vision, Terrafugia will focus the TF-X™ program with clear goals that enhance the safety, simplicity, and convenience of personal transportation.  We believe these goals are achievable today… terrafugia.comTerrafugia TF-X
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Apr 052009

The Microjoule is the most fuel efficient vehicle on the planet. The single-seat racer, developed by students from the French Technical School St. Joseph La Joliverie, gets 8,923 miles out of a gallon (3 793 km/liter). Since 1992 the Microjoule has won the Shell Eco Marathon every single time, and has broken the world record 6 times. It looks to win once again in the May 2008 edition of the race…frogsmoke.com

microjouleDesigned for one person, lying on stomach and ugly as hell.  C’mon!