Dec 092008

Sure, the Soviets had the first cosmonaut and the Americans won the
moon. But leave it to the Japanese to brew the first space beer in
history. Called Space Barley, it uses barley grown in the International
Space Station…

Now this is what I call getting high.

Nov 172008

Finally, a fashion show for the diet-impaired. Yes the models may still be little waifs, but the clothes themselves completely make up for it. How? They’re all made of chocolate! Apparently the New York Chocolate Fashion Show happens every year, but this time it was extra awesome since the theme was super heroes. Over sixty chocolatiers and pastry chefs carefully pasted skin tight chocolate suits to their models. Iron man and Wonder Woman walked the runway careful to keep their body heat down so they wouldn’t melt their super suits…

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Oct 202008

Ray Villafane is not your average jack-o’-lantern carver. Villafane a veritable Michelangelo of squash, can transform your run of the mill pumpkin into a work of art. On October 26, 2008 at 8pm EST, Vallafine will be featured on thr popular Food Network Show, “Challenge” with three other master carvers

Oct 192008

Meat After Meat Joy brings together the work of contemporary artists who use meat in their work (raw meat, the concept of meat, its symbolism and viscera) in order to investigate the paradoxical relationship meat has to the body. Meat combines flesh, skin, muscle, organs, blood — each with its own relationship to the body, yet meat’s only reference to the body is as a once-upon-a-time living biological thing. By putting these artists together, the exhibition seeks to investigate the uncanny effect meat as a medium is for artist and viewer. This is not a show about meat as spectacle but about meat as signification, precisely because meat does not signify (a body) but its very annihilation…press release, Daneyal Mahmood Gallery.

If the flesh disturbs you, then the reality behind the issue would disturb you far more if we opened our eyes long enough to see it. We live in a culture disconnected from what it is doing to itself and others, we choose to ignore rather than deal with the reality we have created for ourselves.
– Adam Brandejs

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Sep 072008
by ccaviness

by ccaviness

“This was lunch at Google NYC’s cafeteria to celebrate the birthday of the head of the cafe staff…“ Krispy Kreme bacon cheddar cheeseburgers? You got to be kidding! I can feel my heart slowing down to a crawl just looking at these sugar ladened, greasy monstrosities. Does a cardiac defibulator come with this deadly dinner?