Jul 142009

Dear Diary 1.0Designer Marlies Romberg rebels against the world of plastic and aluminum with her final project at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Dear Diary 1.0 is a wooden table with the keyboard laser cut into it, a computer tucked neatly underneath, and a flat panel built into a wooden structure. The whole thing is just downright clever…dvice.com

Dear diary 1.0 is thus both the literal and the figurative manifestation of the worlds colliding. A physical reminder that increasingly, the real and the digital are becoming indistinguishable.

Mar 112009

This is not your grandpappy’s rocking chair. In fact, he’d wonder if “Ruby” wasn’t some kind of weird torture device, but we know better than that, and so does designer Pouyan Mokhtarani. He has his Ruby design concept all figured out, right down to the individual water-filled cushions for each butt cheek… dvice.com


He sank into the rocking chair…Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Nov 262008

Making artistic pieces of furniture from weapons is nothing less than a work of art. Designed by Alexander Reh, the Fully Loaded Chair is made from real shotgun shells. The solid steel chair has been stuffed with once-fired 12-guage shotgun shells. The welded steel frame is gun-blued by hand and can be loaded with many shell options. With the shotgun shells, this chair is really fully loaded and would appeal to those who always want the best and out of the box…bornrich.org

For the Dick Cheney,  NRA card carring, gun lover in you.

Nov 162008

Suissa, a company quite renowned for making natural wood luxury computers and components, has taken wraps off the Suissa Enlighten. It’s the first modularized PC from the house. Specs include microATX motherboard, Intel Quad core CPU or AMD X2 6400+, single NVIDIA 8800GTX video card or ATI Radeon HD2900XT, 4GB PC6400 memory, 1TB hard drive space, and DVD burner…bornrich.org

Downside, probably runs Vista and let’s hope it doesn’t overheat.