Jul 162010

In Second Life there’s a region called Jordan River, named for the selfsame water body that borders Palestine. It was built by Palestinians (some within Palestine, some scattered around the world) to promote Palestinian independence, with a mosque on one end, an open air disco on the other, and political placards in between… nwn.blog.com

Jan 062009

Dancing Ink Productions has been working to promote understanding of Islamic culture through “a cross-section of internet and media platforms at universities around the world” — specifically virtual worlds. The goal of their latest project, dubbed “Understanding Islam Through Virtual Worlds,” is to shed light on Islam, a group the firm sees as one of “the most misunderstood communities in the world”…wired.com

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Nov 142008

The Times of London reports on a woman filing for divorce on grounds of “unreasonable behavior after her husband admitted falling in love with the virtual female character.” The divorcing couple originally met online and played Second Life together. The wife filed for divorce after discovering “virtual infidelity with a female character playing the role of a prostitute”…thedailybeast.com.

Lesson:Unlike Las Vegas, what goes on in Second Life doesn’t stay in Second Life.

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